Production Process

The production process behind a creating a premium olive oil, from harvesting date, how they are collected,
pressed and stored are all key factors. Each step must be handled with precision to ensure the highest
standard of quality.

An Exquisite Organic
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Memecik type of olives are picked by hand to avoid bruising and
damaging therefore are in their best shape before the pressing process.
They are collected from the olive farms in Savrandere and Orhaniye regions
in Aydin, Turkey. They are never combined with other olives or oils.

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Harvesting & Cold Pressing

In addition to carefully collecting our olives, the process used to make our Oleavia Organic
EVOO’s ensures maximum freshness, taste and quality!

The date of the harvest is very important since as olives grow, they produce a higher yield.
Therefore, we benefit from higher levels of polyphenols and antioxidants by harvesting
the olives when they are not ripe. Throughout the Mediterranean the months of September
and October are considered an early harvest date. Our Savrandere Early Harvest edition is
the harvest of the beginning of October whereas the Orhaniye and Savrandere editions are
the harvest of late October. The reason that we only labeled our Savrandere Early Harvest
Organic EVOO early harvest is because we also experienced a more complex aroma in its taste!

During the pressing process, it is imperative to avoid heat, light and air. Within a couple hours
the harvest, we cold press the olives in a closed system where there is no exposure to any heat,
light and air. This unique process retains the fresh taste and healthy nutrients found in
a premium the olive oil.


Single Estate

A unique aspect behind of Oleavia Organic EVOO’s is that the olives are
sourced from a single farm and are never combined with oils from a different land or region.


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